About Us

CRITICAL SPACES, Inc. maintains partnerships with best-in-class technology providers in the critical facility physical infrastructure industry. The strength of these partnerships combined with CRITICAL SPACES' experience in designing and implementing solutions, provides unique advantages to our clients.

We are "Application-Centric". This mentality is the added value which clients will not receive from equipment vendors or IT resellers. It ensures that our clients are getting the best total solution and maximizing the return on their critical facility physical infrastructure investment.

We can help ensure your organization's continuity of operations by providing critical facility design support and consulting, state of the art equipment and installation, as well as ongoing maintenance and battery replacement services.


We maintain long-term relationships with our clients, business partners, and employees. These relationships are based upon professionalism, honesty, integrity, and technical expertise.

We consistently provide our best effort to assist clients in selecting optimal solutions that eliminate unplanned interruptions in their operations caused by critical facility physical infrastructure systems and components.