Who We Are

Critical Spaces provides solutions that assist clients in delivering their business objectives, reducing operational risks, and maximizing ROI by fortifying critical facility infrastructure and improving critical facility physical resource reliability and availability.

Our focused expertise is in selecting and implementing solutions based upon your application. Our clientele operate in diverse industries including Information Technology, Health Care, Pharmaceutical, Travel/Hospitality, Research and Development, Education, Financial Services/Banking, the Gaming Industry, and Aviation/Transportation. They all have a common thread: The operation of their physical infrastructure is critical to achieving their mission.

We continually evaluate all of the technologies in the industry and partner with the best-in-class manufacturers. The strength of these industry-leading partnerships, combined with our technical expertise, allows us to provide solutions that assist our clients in meeting their business objectives.


Please contact us for a free consultation. Over 35 years of hands-on industry experience ensures that you will receive proven solutions eliminating unplanned interruptions of your critical facility physical infrastructure systems and components.